I went on holiday to Gran Canaria and had an amazing time. 

Dress made by my sister (Her plus size fashion blog here) It’s super cute and I love the fabric.

So my beautiful sister http://www.cheapplussizefashionblog.tumblr.com made an ice cream dress for me. I love it so much. It took her about two days to do it. We got the fabric from https://www.facebook.com/mosfabric which is a local fabric shop. It cost about £20 for 3 metres of fabric. My bra size is 38 G so I am so glad to have a dress that covers those bad boys up! 

Hell Yeah Ice cream! 

Hell Yeah Ice cream! 

Really Boring post, But I’m feeling so Cosy.

Uk sizes- 26 for leggings (simply be), 20 for the vest top (dorethy Perkins) and 24 for the cardigan thing (simply be again)

Uk size 22- 26.  

Went for a lovely meal with my sister, mum and Step Dad. Haven’t been very well due to a long term illness and really didn’t want to get properly dressed but my sister made me. I’m glad she did. 

The cardigan is from Simply be Now only £10.50. I wore it over a long dress. 


Really hot day today. Shorts and cute top from simply be or very. Forgotten which one.

Size 26 uk

I was doing some cleaning (which is very rare) and my sister said I looked cute. So POSE TIME! :-) 

Shirt from George (Asda) and just some Leggings.  

Uk Size 24/26/28 (depends what I’m wearing) 

US size 22/24/26 



I present to you a me in a two piece. I did also buy a bikini bra top but I really am not brave enough to wear it. Lol. I’ve been to the local swimming pool twice now in it. :-)

I bought the tankini in 40 F-G and swim shorts in a size 26. 

The gif is me and my sister from Cheapplussizefashionblog.com 

Tankini. £7.50 on Kandco


Swim Shorts from £3.00 on Kandco